Well, hello there!

I’m Juliet A. Kurth, the actual person behind this website, but please just call me Juliet. I thought I’d take the time here to introduce myself. In my previous work life I was a landscape architect, but I willingly gave that all up for my family and became a homeschool mom over 9 years ago because it was what our children needed at the time. As the kids got older, I was able to carve out some space and time to start designing and creating again, and what you see here on my website is a product of that.

I love the natural world, especially trees and plants, (I mean, hello – I was a landscape architect, is it that much of a stretch?!?) and the esoteric, and it shows in all that I do. I read both palms and Tarot, having first started learning almost 29 years ago, am a practicing eclectic witch of 25 years, and make ceramic pieces all with a sculptural bent. Because of my many years learning about various healing and divination modalities, all the art I make is with intention, during the sculpting and final phases of my ceramic work or when I draw, by understanding the symbolic meaning of various flowers and plants, adding symbols and runes, and/or choosing specific colors when I glaze or paint. And when I do a reading for someone, whether it’s an overall or a specific question, I always come from the perspective of asking, “What do they need to know right now?” My readings then are to the point yet can be healing. My latest endeavors now are not only making and selling ceramics as well as doing readings, I am excited to begin my own Botanical-Inspired Tarot Card Set in addition to teaching what I’ve learned as a reader and Tarot Card Set creator. I hope whoever receives a piece of my art or readings feels the positive intention and energy I put into it. 

If you would like to see what Juliet is currently working on, please follow her on Instagram @julietakurth. Links to her shop and class offerings are located in the menu. 

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