Being a Ceramist

or “Why I Love Ceramics”

Clay has a personality, and even memory. Someone who works with clay has to always keep that in mind. Creating ceramics is a collaborative process because of this, which is what I love most about the medium.


In my previous life, before my children’s needs made it too difficult to have two parents with full-time careers, I was a landscape architect. And what I loved most about that design process, besides having a love of the landscape and natural world, was how in order for it to be a successful design I had to not only make what appealed to me but also to take into account the use of the space and the environment within which it was located. A single design could never be completely replicated because the land and nature itself would never allow it. I willingly gave that all up for my family, but a few years later when I found the space and time to start designing and creating again, I found ceramics. And I fell in love immediately.


I am still inspired by the natural world, particularly plants and trees and the vivid color combination found there that in theory seemingly they shouldn’t work but still somehow do. I am also married to an illustrator/comic artist, so I’m very aware of the art world and pop culture. But even then, I look more for what it represents or the subtle symbology used. I love reclaiming old symbols and spiritual representation of nature and incorporating them into my work, either through inspiration for the piece or a hidden placement somewhere. Even in my silliest pieces, if you look closely enough, you will find a hidden symbol or wish which is in part the inspiration for the piece.


3 thoughts on “Being a Ceramist”

  1. I knew you came from a landscape background but I never put 2 + 2 together as to why so many of your designs feature natural elements (that is my fancy way of saying that you make a lot of things that I see in the woods). Heidi and I enjoy our custom Juliet A Kurth pieces and the ones we’ve bought for other people from your etsy store have been very well received!


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