New Year, New Start


It’s been a long time. Life has a way of getting in the way of all your well-thought out plans. This has definitely been the case for me!

I’m still homeschooling my kids, now 14 and 16, still teaching at the homeschool co-op (this semester I will be teaching Photoshop – woohoo!), still teaching at AMOCA Ceramics Studio (although now not only do I teach a homeschool ceramics class, I also teach an adult intermediate hand building ceramics class), still cook everything gluten free (and often dairy free for my son, and did I mention all the things I can’t eat, too? Annoying!), and I still make and sell ceramics of my own. But posting here? Not so much. About the only thing that’s been updating here regularly are my Instagram posts, so if for some reason you’ve been checking on this site, you would have noticed that at least.

But it’s been a bit hectic trying to figure out exactly what I want my “business” to look like, and this last year and a half has been quite a bit of trial and error while I learn (often the hard way) what that might be.

Which ultimately leads me to the “new start” of this post. I will be posting here more regularly. I will also have up here my regular items that will be for sale. I am phasing out my Etsy store because they are just charging a buttload of fees once you sell, and if you don’t offer free shipping they don’t include you in their searches. With ceramics, a piece can have such varying shipping costs that it just can’t easily be rolled into the price. Bit by bit, I will get this done, though, and you will be able to shop online.

I will also let people know here, along with on Instagram, any upcoming shows, festivals, and fairs that I will be attending. This site will become a one-stop location to find out all things about “Juliet A. Kurth – Ceramist.” (Maybe not “all things Juliet A. Kurth”, but seriously I don’t think anyone wants to know “all things” about me. It can become a little difficult to navigate some of the thoughts in my head, or at least I find it difficult.)

So, please bare with me while I try this whole “new start” thing this year. And I appreciate any good vibes or advice you feel like sending my way!

Happy New Year, and to quote one of my current favorite memes, “Here’s to 2020 being a year with more “F— Yeah” and less “F— This!”


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