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Look at me! I’m posting twice in one month!

Seriously, so much is going on right now. I am doing my best to really get my shi…. ACT together! And how does that look? Well, I officially have a place where you can sign up to be on my E-mail list! Not only will you get regular messages directly in your inbox, you will also receive a free gift: a downloadable Sun Card Coloring Page from my in-progress botanical-inspired Tarot Card Set.

What’s kind of cool about this (besides the actual drawing itself) is that you can use this in a ritual or as a tool for manifesting success and happiness. Light a candle to set your intention then while coloring the page think of what goal you want completed and envision how it can be achieved. Once your done, place it somewhere so that you can see it everyday. It will be both a magnet for what you want as well as give you an energy boost to do what needs to be done. And be sure to do this during new, waxing, or full moon.

And here’s the link: https://linktr.ee/Juliet_A_Kurth_Studios . You can also set up an appointment for a 10 Card Tarot Spread if you’d like for $33, find out more about my class on the Major Arcana that is coming up, or go to my Etsy Shop and see what wares I have to offer.

Blessed be!

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