JAK of All Trades

I held my first official Tarot class, sold several Intention Pendants, attended an online class myself, helped out my husband with his work (he’s an artist who works in comics as a digital painter/colorist, so I know a lot about Photoshop), decided on the layout for my next Tarot Card illustration, came up with some additional ideas for future classes, and made dinner. That was just yesterday.

One thing that has happened since the pandemic started is that I am really diversifying. Before my focus was ceramics, teaching ceramics, assisting my husband, homeschooling my kids, and doing what I do around the house. I would do readings for people now and then, but it wasn’t a big push. But now, well, it’s become so much more. The good thing about it is that all of these areas that I am working in and developing are things I love, and honestly at least for me they are all connected. The same reason why I love ceramics and plants is also why I have been studying Tarot for so many years. It’s all about connections.

We are all connected not just with every other person but with every living and non-living thing. The atoms that make up our bodies are constantly moving and exchanging with everyone and everything else. We truly are made up of stardust. And planet dust. And sometimes much nastier dust than that! And just like the ever-changing atoms within us, we ourselves are also always transforming. Like the saying goes: “The only constant is change.” But yet we still don’t descend into complete chaos. It isn’t always consistently organized, but there’s a flow that we all often follow. And connecting to that flow is when we feel most at peace. For me, Tarot is one way to consciously drop into that energy and get a sense of where it’s heading. When I make ceramics or work on a drawing for my cards, I dip right into it, floating along until whatever I’m making is completed. Learning allows me to course correct when needed. Growing and learning about plants connects me with Gaia, the source of all life for us. Teaching is a way for me to help others find their own flow. And helping my family, well, I’m a mother with two teens who have some challenges (but are doing great overall right now); that always comes first. But I am assisting in the growth of the next generation, arguably the most important work I can do and the best way to help keep the flow of life going.

So, I’ve been signing all of my ceramic pieces with my initials, “JAK” almost since the beginning. And it seems even more fitting as I’ve been offering so much more because now I can say I’m a “JAK of all trades,” and really mean it!

And speaking of my offerings, it’s not too late to sign up for my Tarot Class on the Major Arcana. We record every lesson, so you will be able to catch up. Just click here https://julietakurthstudios.teachable.com/p/home. And if you’re interested in a reading, click here: https://calendly.com/jakofalltrades99/30min?back=1&month=2020-07 and you can set up an appointment; I will send you my PayPal info. If you’d like to get a little taste of how I work with the cards, you can always check me out on IG Live most Mondays at 6:00 pm PST for my “Tarot Talk.” And of course, if you want to see what ceramic pieces I have available, check out my Etsy shop (link above).

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