It’s Fall!!!!

Lidded Pumpkin Mug – $55 small, $60 large

And I am taking pre-orders for more Lidded Pumpkin Mugs and Cauldron Mugs!!! A Large Lidded Pumpkin Mug goes for $60, a small Lidded Pumpkin Mug $55, and a Cauldron Mug $45. Price includes free domestic shipping, and they will all be sent out by October 19, 2020. If interested, check out my Etsy shop:

Cauldron Mug – $45

There are other items up in my shop now, too, like Flower Offering Bowls and a new Reversible Intention Pendant with semi-precious beads and “Ansuz” rune for wisdom and connecting with your ancestors. Honestly, this is probably my favorite pendant that I’ve made! There are some Miniature Flower Pots, Flower Incense Burners, and more!

I’ve also breached the 1000 follower mark on Instagram! And that means a giveaway is coming soon. So if you aren’t following me yet, you might want to: @julietakurth .

My follow up course to the Major Arcana, “Fundamentals of Tarot – the Minor Arcana” is now open for enrollment, too! The 9 week course will meet on Sundays from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm, PST, starting October 4, 2020, and ending December 6, 2020. We will be taking off Thanksgiving weekend. The first 8 weeks we will be focusing on the cards, and then the last class all the students will practice reading for one another. The classes are live and interactive; there will be real discussions, not just people typing into a chat box and I answer the questions when I can. Because of this class size is limited, so sign up soon! And if you enroll by September 30, you will receive a 30 minute reading from me. You can learn more here:

Clearly a lot is going on, and somehow I’m managing to continue homeschooling my kids and help with the co-op as we transition from meeting in person to going online. Zoom is my new favorite app! But I will try to continue updating everyone here. In the meantime, if you’d like more regular updates and receive occasional coupons, you can sign up for my email list, too:

Enjoy the longer nights and (eventual) cooler days!

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